Our reputation is more valuable than any dollar we collect and because of that we always strive to raise the bar when it comes to professionalism and courtesy.  Add to that, we’re uniformed, professionally equipped, fully insured, and fun! With over 30 years experience backing us, the latest technology helping us, and a Veteran leading us, it’s easy to understand why so many of your friends and neighbors choose Team Squeegee!

We currently serve all areas of Jacksonville, Orange Park, Callahan, Fernandina, and the Beaches.

We are definitely insured. See all of our licenses and certificates here. We carry $1 million dollars in liability, and we are also a bonded company which protects your home against theft.

If a company is insured then that protects you and your home.

Your Super Heroes are great at what they do and have impeccable professionalism. We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with your experience or we won’t leave until you are. Our guarantee even extends to 48 hours after the completion of service. If you notice anything not to you satisfaction within 48 hours, just give us a call and we will come back out!

Compared to some of our competition, our prices are a little higher; however, when comparing experience, credentials, professionalism, testimonials, available-equipment, and branding, Team Squeegee leads the way!

We recognize that our prices are a little lower than industry standards; however, we love what we do. We keep our prices competitive and when possible pass any savings onto our customers. We believe in the end our work will speak for itself and we wish to have repeat customers and don’t mind sacrificing a little pay to earn your trust. Because of this, we are rarely able to give discounts on our already low prices.

While some homeowners are able to clean their windows and gutters, it is always recommended to get a professional for safety reasons. If you, or your parent, or grandparent are not able to do their own windows or gutters, give us a call!

Yes! Unlike most of our competition, we always offer a 10% discount to:

Seniors (65+)

All Military (Prior, Active, or Retired)

First Responders (Police, Fire Fighters, Paramedics)

Nurses (we just love them and all the work they do!)

Teachers (again, we just love them and the work they do!)

We also offer discounts for customer purchasing multiple services:

Most store front customers only need a bi-weekly window cleaning. However, if your business maintains a lot of annual foot traffic such as a restaurant, fast-food, or mall store then you may require a weekly service.

Homeowners usually only need a quarterly or bi-annual service. Each home is unique and factors such as how many trees or what types of trees you have could determine if you need more than a quarterly service. And for some homeowners it only comes down to aesthetic appeal and they wish to have their windows cleaned more often. We will offer several options. One advantage to keep in mind is that prices per cleaning drop drastically if we are able to come out more often because the maintenance is less egregious.

Gutter cleaning is HIGHLY recommended for at least twice a year  or at a very minimum once a year.

Yes. We have invested in the proper equipment to be able to reach up to 4 stories on most homes without the use of ladders.

When our Super Heroes are not wearing their capes and masks, they cannot fly so sometimes they will still need a ladder. However, we have invested in the proper equipment to be able to reach up to 4 stories high without the need for ladders. This safety measure gives us, and you a little more peace of mind.

Typically, nothing needs to be done prior to our arrival. You may want to personally move any valuables that would need to be moved to access your windows. If you have a lot of items located on your window sills, removal of these items helps me to expedite the cleaning process, and would be greatly appreciated.

We use a combination of Kryptonite and special glass cleaner (the Kriptonite  repels dirt). All of our products are Eco friendly and usually less toxic than anything under your kitchen sink.

For most cleanings we use Glass Gleam 4 & Glass Glide (1/4 oz per gallon). The advantage of GG4 (vs other formulas) is that it leaves a very observable “shine” on your windows and perhaps, more importantly, doesn’t leave a “haze” that is often noticeable with the use of other formulas. It also keeps your glass cleaner longer than anything else on the market!

We do not ever use ammonia in our mix.

For hard water stains we use a formula called “One Restore”.  For very stained glass we may use a mechanical buffer.

If the appointment includes an inside service, we prefer someone to be home to protect all parties; however, we know that isn’t always possible, and we understand you are busy. About 75% of our clients can’t be home when we are cleaning. Just let us know how to access your home if you plan to be out.

We are also a bonded company, which insures your property against theft and is one of the many reasons our customers choose us over our competition.

Yes! We have invested in the proper equipment to get rid of most hard water stains on your windows, mirrors, shower doors, etc.

In the event of light precipitation we will clean your windows as scheduled. In the event of heavy driving rains, we will call and discuss the options with you the day of service or if possible the day before.

In a nut shell.. we take ordinary city or well water and run it through a machine that gets rid of any impurities. The result is pure water (H2O). Pure water cleans better than any soap or chemical and when it dries it leaves no residue, streaks, or spots! Because there is no residue left, the glass stays cleaner longer because there is nothing for “new dust/dirt” to attach itself to.

Once the water passes through our machine, it then travels into our pole and comes out of a brush head attached to the pole. Because of this long pole and this system, we can reach up to 4 stories without the need for ladders.

Yes! We are proud to say that most of our business comes from referrals! And you don’t have to be an existing customer to reap the rewards of our referral program! If you refer someone and they sign up for one of our residential services we will give you a $25 Visa gift card or 10% off your next service.

Yes! We love to dawn our capes and masks and show up ready to work especially if our youngest fans will be there to greet us! We often elicit the help of our young sidekicks when working on a residence dressed as a Super Hero! Most times, at some point during the job, we will fly off and change back into our regular attire for safety reasons.

If you are interested in this service, just ask us during the estimate phase, or include it that in the notes when you click on the “free estimate” button located on our website.

As of 2019 Team Squeegee consists of:

Spider Man
Super Man
Wonder Woman
The Flash
Super Girl

Yes! You can purchase Team Squeegee merchandise on our Facebook page! Ask your Hero for free stickers for kids! We love giving them out!

Yes! Visit our Community page for the donation button. 100% of all donations go toward these visits. Read more about it on our Community page.