Residential Window Cleaning

Residential Window Cleaning

Service Overview

Got dirty windows? Residential window cleaning is our specialty! Haveing your windows cleaned regularly not only improve the life span of your windows, but it aids in fighting against mold and mildew that can accumulate and bring toxins into the air your family is breathing. Many of our customers attain our services for the aesthetic appeal of having super shiny windows but then give us reports later about how much brighter their homes are and ins some cases how much allergies and coughing inside the home has diminished. 

For our residential customers, we are usually able to offer 4 different packages: An annual clean, a Bi-Annual clean, A Quarterly clean, and our most popular package, our Affordable Luxury clean which consists of quarterly cleans at a steep discount.

With Team Squeegee, every service includes:

  • Clean glass
  • Light scraping
  • Dry glass and edges
  • Wipe down sills
  • Wipe down ledges
  • Remove screens
  • Wipe down screens
  • Put screens back

    Additional window cleaning services offered:
  • Steam clean tracks
  • Vacuum tracks
  • Hard water stain removal/Glass
  • Hard water stain removal/ Shower doors
  • Heavy scraping
  • Mirrors



Interior ServicesStarting at $150
Exterior Services Starting at $200
Hard-water Stain removal

Starting at $75

Luxury Plan

Starting at $25/month


Yes! Upon request, we will come out and offer you a free quote in writing. You do not have to be home and we can email or text you the quote if you’d like. 

Yes! We have invested equipment that will allow us to safely clean up to 3 stories from the ground!This alone puts us miles ahead of our competition as this is less liability for you! In the even that we do need to get on a roof, we will use a harness system for our safety and your peace of mind!!

Yes! In most cases, weather permitting, we can perform all your services in one day. This would include a house wash, pressure washing, roof washing, gutter cleaning, and window cleaning. Paver sealing usually needs 12 hours to dry and thus would be a 2 day process. 

We use 2 different methods to get your windows super clean! We use a traditional applicator and squeegee combo, and we also use pure-water technology from a water-fed pole.

When using the traditional method (99% of all interior work) we use a specific glass cleaning formula called Glass Gleam 4. It is non toxic to plants and animals.

When using our water-fed pole system (most exterior and higher level windows), we use di-ionized water that reduces the water to a very pure 1 hydrogen and 2 oxygen element. This pure water is safe for plants and animals  and is the best solution to clean windows. See our FAQs for a full explanation!